Our new International Network

Our new International Network

In today’'s economic climate, with rapidly developing new markets, improved communications and greater international mobility, businesses operate on an increasing global scale.

Many of our clients require the services of accountants and advisers in different countries and jurisdictions where they do business. This is essential in order to take advantage of the local expertise, contacts and networks of such advisers. As a result of the above we have recently joined an international alliance called i2AN.

Currently i2AN has 13 members with each member being from a different jurisdiction. The alliance already includes most of Western Europe, the US, Japan and Russia.

The mandate of the international alliance is to offer reliable and convenient access to quality services through the respective member firms. It is intended that the membership will grow to cover more than 20 jurisdictions within the next 18-24 months. i2AN will grow by identifying like-minded member firms in other jurisdictions who themselves offer a reliable service and have an outstanding record of achievement on behalf of their clients. i2AN embodies a collective team spirit with many of the principles having had experience with the big four international accounting firms and who have succeeded individually in creating their own firms in their respective countries.

The strength of the relationship between i2AN and its member firms adds a powerful extra dimension to the personal service that we pride ourselves on and ensures that our clients have the right local experts from the start, removing time and effort to identify trusted advisers and enabling the break down of cultural barriers. The member firms range in size from between 30 and 120 professionals per firm.

This size ensures a personal proactive approach to doing business and consequently the firms are not burdened by inflexible administrative procedures and so can move quickly and offer competitive fees.

The services available through the international alliance are as follows:-

  • Accountancy services
  • Audit
  • Corporate and personal taxation
  • Risk management and assurance
  • Other advisory services including due diligence, employee benefits and transaction support.

If you would like further information with regard to certain members firms within i2AN then please contact the partner who normally deals with your affairs or myself directly. Finally, if through your own connections, you are aware of firms in other jurisdictions who may be interested in joining i2AN then please let me know. The jurisdictions in which we currently have no representation, but will be interested in having firms join, are Brazil, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Poland, Hong Kong, US (west coast) and Canada.

by Richard Kleiner

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