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A guide to IPOs: Our upcoming eBook

By Richard Kleiner

22 Apr 2022

Going Public or going through a flotation process for the first time is called an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”).

An IPO is one of the largest events that any business may encounter and is a process that should be considered very carefully before embarking on.

At Gerald Edelman, many of our clients have often thought about an IPO but have not had a full understanding of the process and when to seek advice. To shed some light on the topic, we have put together our upcoming eBook, A Guide to IPOs (to be published on 25 April), an insightful introductory guide to the various aspects of an IPO.

The eBook will contain insights into each stage including the following: 

  • An introduction to IPOs 
  • Pros and cons of Going Public
  • How to prepare as a business
  • Accounting and financial considerations
  • A guide to the IPO process
  • How Gerald Edelman can help you with the IPO considerations and process
  • Answers to frequently asked questions on IPOs 

How Gerald Edelman can help

Going through an IPO process can be challenging. It is, therefore, crucial to have the right adviser by your side. Our team can assist you at every stage of going public, starting right at the initial discussions to decide whether it would be the right decision for your business. 
We can also help you with strategic planning, assessing financials, financial due diligence, regulatory compliance, preparation of financial statements, tax optimisation and also act as your reporting accountants including reviewing the Short Form report, Working Capital report, and other related issues that have to be dealt with through the IPO process.

For further guidance, or to request your copy of our upcoming eBook email us at   

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