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A new look for Gerald Edelman

26 Jul 2018

Gerald Edelman is proud to announce the launch of their newly refreshed brand and website.

Until now, the firm’s brand has portrayed the characteristics of a traditional practice, as is common-place amongst most accountancy firms today.  Aware that focus on renewing the brand was long overdue, key stakeholders spent a considerable amount of time and effort reassessing and analysing the firm’s position, their core beliefs, their inherent approach, and importantly, delving into the reasons behind why they do what they do.  The resulting outcome has been a logo, overall visual identity and bold new website which are starkly different to anything else in the market, whilst reflecting an honest representation of the firm.  

The new identity has been designed to embody a contemporary feel with a respectful nod back to the legacy and heritage of the founding partners, Toby Hoffman and Gerald Edelman.  The new logo is clean, timeless and sophisticated, in keeping with Gerald Edelman’s ambition to showcase its modern edge whilst retaining the substance of an established firm.  It has been designed to encapsulate feelings of aspiration, hope, inspiration, support, positivity with real heart and soul – attributes which the firm’s leadership believe should be present in every interaction.

The red icon has been playfully nicknamed ‘the robin’ and is symbolic of the connotations associated with this bird – friendly and loyal, representing new beginnings, growth, hope, positivity and passion whilst forming lifelong partnerships. It is said that if a robin flies into your life, it will teach you new things. These characteristics very much align to the firm’s ethos, the way in which they work and the relationships that they have with their clients. These themes are mirrored across the website with the use of powerful, evocative imagery, heartfelt language and gentle tone – vastly different to those used within the professional services industry as a whole.

This adventurous and original approach successfully articulates the firm’s values and creates a greater sense of cohesion in their shared purpose – to deliver genuinely exceptional relationships, experiences and advice.  It demonstrates the passion with which the firm does business and helps its clients to achieve their aspirations.  

Richard Kleiner, CEO, said:

“We genuinely feel that we have captured the spirit of Gerald Edelman with our refreshed brand.  We believe that it is unique, and will stand out in a market saturated with strikingly similar websites both visually and linguistically.  

The message from the firm is clear – whilst we have modernised our brand, we will continue to engage with our clients with the same level of care and personal service as always.  We have simply chosen to articulate our message authentically and from the heart.  In modern day society, where technology frequently overrides the need for human interaction, we want our clients to know that we are really here for them, whatever they need, every step of the way.

Working through the brand refresh process has been invigorating.  Taking some time to really focus on why we do what we do has brought fresh energy to the practice to continue delivering services far beyond accountancy, as we have always done.  Our new identity has clearly resonated with our client base and truly embodies who we are at our core – a collective working together to help our clients in any way possible.”

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