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Companies House to withdraw paper reminders

By Barbara Hughes

18 Dec 2020

Clients should note that Companies House has recently announced that they are stopping the issue of all CS01 and accounts reminders by post.

Please note that:

  • This only applies to CS01 and accounts reminders – all overdue notices, penalty notices or dissolution letters will continue to be issued by post
  • All Clients, whose Statutory work we look after and that use 73 Cornhill as their registered office address are already registered to receive e-reminders. This means that reminders are sent to us by email rather than post
  • If you are using your own registered office address or you take care of your own Statutory work, you should ensure that (if you wish to continue to receive reminders) you register to receive them by email
  • Up to four email addresses can be registered. To register visit:

If you need any assistance, please contact

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