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How to make the most out of working from home

By Sonal Shah

01 Apr 2020

For most of us, working from home full time is a new and novel experience; no morning commute, lay-ins every day etc. However, when that novelty wears off, working in isolation can start to impact morale and your productivity.

We’ve compiled some of our top tips for ensuring you remain focused and productive throughout this time. 

Try to keep your usual morning routine 

Wake up at your usual time, get dressed and start the day with breakfast. By maintaining your morning routine, you’ll retain some parts of your usual working day, putting you in the right frame of mind. 

Change your surroundings 

Whether you go out for a short walk (in line with government guidelines, i.e. on your daily exercise etc) or switch the room that you’re working in, a change of environment can stop you from becoming bored with your surroundings and boost your motivation.

Take regular breaks from your screen/s

Just as you would in the office, make sure you give your eyes a break to prevent any strain or fatigue and keep you on top of your tasks.

Keep active

Getting some exercise, as well as fresh air, is vital for your mental health and maintaining a positive outlook. There are many free resources online, such as live fitness and yoga classes. You can even join in with Joe Wicks’ morning P.E. class. Running and going for a daily walk as part of your one form of exercise per day are also great ways to stay fit and healthy.

Stay in touch

Whether you arrange a video meeting with colleagues or call your family/friends, make sure to keep in touch with others to stave off any feelings of loneliness. Remember that we are all in the same situation and feeling anxious or stressed is normal. 

If you start to feel overwhelmed by the changing circumstances, you can seek professional help online. Mind lists a range of resources which you can access free of charge.

Switch off your work devices at the end of the day 

It’s easy to forget your usual schedule and continue working far beyond your usual hours, but it is still important to have some downtime. Switch off your work devices at the end of each day to deter you from carrying on and give yourself a well-deserved break.

Plan activities during the evenings

Dig out old board games, watch a film with your household, listen to a new podcast, finish those household tasks that you haven’t yet had the time for, or take the time to practice mindfulness. Plan something that you can look forward to, to keep your motivation up

Take advantage of the extra time you have

Now that your morning commute consists of a walk downstairs, use that extra time for something productive. For example; 

  1. Professional development courses
  2. Learning a new skill 
  3. Reading 
  4. Any other form of self-care!

From all the Gerald Edelman team, we would like to wish you, your families and your teams well. If you are seeking any advice, individually or for your business, please get in touch with the partner who usually handles your affairs. Additionally, we have set up a Coronavirus updates page which you can monitor for the latest updates. 

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