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Topic: Coronavirus 

The construction industry post lockdown

15 May 2020

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The construction industry has changed dramatically and needs to adapt quickly to stand any chance of emerging well from the global pandemic. 

Our client, Paragon, had 238 sites live at the beginning of the lockdown. Almost immediately 69 of the sites were shut down. Encouragingly, Paragon are seeing sites beginning to reopen but are fully aware of the challenges that still lie ahead for the sector.

Matthew Dunn, Director of Paragon, has shared his insights into the construction industry post lockdown, which can be viewed below.

Paragon is one of the UK’s largest independent building and project consultancies, employing nearly 200 people. The Company have offices in London, Esher, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh. For more information, contact Matthew Dunn, Director of Paragon, at

Read the document here.

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