About us

Our heart. Our soul. Your business

At Gerald Edelman, we work to deliver genuinely exceptional relationships, experiences and advice. To us, ‘genuinely’ means acting with the utmost integrity – this is at the heart of our philosophy.


We’re in the business of real relationships

We put our heart and soul into you and your business. We share your concerns, your aspirations and your dreams. We also want to have fun, build friendships and create unique experiences along the way. This is because relationships are incredibly important to us. We want you to look forward to spending time with us, so we will do everything we can to make sure that our interactions leave you feeling energised and motivated.

If something matters to you, it definitely matters to us

Building real relationships means that we want to get to know you so well that we’ll anticipate your needs - sometimes, we hope, even before you do! We focus on what is important to you and what you need to achieve success. We then work relentlessly to make it happen.


We are invested

We act as partners in your business. We might not have equity, but we are invested. We will be by your side on the journey, every step of the way, helping you to drive your business forward.

Much more than you bargained for

We want to give you more than you might expect. So, we focus on delivering interactions and solutions that are unique and transformative.


Endless opportunities and real challenge

We think without limits, as we believe that what you can achieve in business is limitless. So, we think about you and your business in a different way. This means that we won’t always say what you want to hear. You won’t benefit from that. Your business won’t benefit from that either. We know that challenging you will ultimately inspire greater success. So, we drive thought-provoking discussions, unravel complex issues and bring new concepts to life.

Beyond 'accountancy'...

Yes, we’ll do your accounts and tax returns, but that’s just the start. You often want and need something that is beyond compliance. You need advice that is stimulating, strategic and commercial. So, allow us to bring you inspirational ideas.

Our story

Having left the RAF in 1946, friends Gerald Edelman and Toby Hoffman founded ‘Gerald Edelman’. Toby fondly described Gerald as having a ‘magnetic personality’ and they quickly forged a successful partnership. Tragically, Gerald died whilst on holiday with his family at the tender age of 35. Toby, however, continued to build the practice, retaining the firm’s name to ensure that his friend’s legacy lived on. The rest, as they say, is history.