About Us

We aim to build a better every day, always thinking beyond and how we can have a positive impact.


Who We Help

We help you make strategic decisions, achieve your long-term objectives, reduce costs and grow your bottom line, whilst also keeping you fully compliant with the latest tax obligations.

73 Cornhill

London, EC3V 3QQ


Who We Are

Who We Are

Leaving a legacy

Formed in the late 1940s, we have established ourselves as one of the leading mid-tier businesses in the UK, delivering a wide range of financial and strategic business advice.

Our Purpose and Vision, combined with our philosophy to think beyond accountancy, means we are continually developing and improving as a business, this applies to the services we deliver to clients, the impact we have on our local community and environment and the support we provide our team.

Continually improving is essential for us to deliver more value and ensure we can support our clients and team with every eventuality.

Our Vision

To build a better every day.

We aim to make a difference to our people, our clients, our community and our planet.

Whether that is through our nurturing culture - creating an environment where our team can develop and flourish - our beyond compliance vision, or our charity, DEI and sustainability initiatives.

Our Purpose

We strive for every interaction to be a positive one.

Our Purpose drives the way we approach every day. Whether it’s tax advice that saves a client money or simply making a colleague smile – we want to be remembered for the way we make people feel.


Our Mission

Our Mission is made up of four core pillars that each represent an area that we prioritise as a business.

Our People

Our people make us who we are. We are committed to understanding and nurturing our team’s aspirations, working with them to achieve their maximum potential.

Our Clients

As our client, your success is our success. We aim to be seen as a natural extension of your business and not just a third party that sits on the fringes. We are your first port of call whenever an opportunity or challenge arises – we’re with you every step of the way.

Our Community

We are committed to having a positive impact on our local community. In our charitable work, we have one goal – supporting children and young people in the city of London. From regular fundraisers to hosting employability days, we aim to build a better every day through our partnership with London Youth.

Our Planet

We have a never-ending responsibility to protect our planet in every way we can. We aim to lead the way to a more sustainable future, inspiring our stakeholders to make positive changes too.

What sets us apart

Our values

Our values define who we are, what we stand for and how we interact.

  • Embedding quality in all that we do
  • Acting with integrity and in the public interest
  • Going above and beyond
  • Inspiring teamwork
  • Creating exceptional experiences

Embedding quality in all that we do

Embedding quality in all that we do

Our primary objective is to ensure we deliver the very best quality in everything we do. Whether undertaking an audit, preparing an advisory report, or communicating with a client or colleague, quality must be at the forefront of our minds.

Acting with integrity and in the public interest

Acting with integrity and in the public interest

Integrity, transparency and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. We are acutely aware of the impact of our actions as a business and always aim for a better, more sustainable future

Going above and beyond

Going above and beyond

Whilst our roots are in accountancy, our advisers always look beyond the numbers to unlock possibilities that others simply don’t see. Together, we’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit to achieve more and keep our clients at the forefront of their industry

Inspiring teamwork

Inspiring teamwork

We are proud to be building a diverse and inclusive culture for our people where our individual strengths can flourish alongside one another. As a result, we can easily overlap services and collaborate across different areas of expertise.

Creating exceptional experiences

Creating exceptional experiences

Whether it’s for clients or employees, every day at Gerald Edelman presents an opportunity to exceed people’s expectations. By delivering the best possible experience, we attract great talent and make sure our clients are happy to stay with us for years, not months, becoming our ambassadors

Gerald Edelman's History

Having left the RAF in 1946, friends Gerald Edelman and Toby Hoffman founded ‘Gerald Edelman’. Toby fondly described Gerald as having a ‘magnetic personality’ and they quickly forged a successful partnership.

Tragically, Gerald died whilst on holiday with his family at the tender age of 35. Toby, however, continued to build the practice, retaining the firm’s name to ensure that his friend’s legacy lived on. The rest, as they say, is history.


GE established

First office in Maddox Street, in the heart of the London’s West End.

Two partners and fewer than 15 employees.


Office move

Moved to Harley street.

Five partners and 25 employees.


Senior partner

Michael Harris become a senior partner.



Acquired sole practitioner Bernard Keane and Co.


New Office

Opened a new office in Whetstone, North London.

Ten partners and 55 employees.



Richard Kleiner became CEO.


Moved office

Moved from Harley street to Cornhill, in the City of London.

15 partners and 90 employees.



Merger with DTE Business Advisory services Ltd.


Exciting changes

GE undergo an exciting rebrand.

Now 16 partners and 140 employees.


Strategic acquisition

Strategic acquisition of boutique Tax Investigations firm WTT.


A new era

Richard Kleiner becomes Chairman and Carl Lundberg takes the role of CEO.

Transparency Reports

We are pleased to bring you our Transparency Reports, which outline our commitment to Audit Quality, as well as our commitment to making a positive difference to our people, our clients, our community and our planet.

These reports give an insight into our culture, governance, legal framework, ownership, financial results and even our international network.