Why Gerald Edelman?

Having partnered with hundreds of organisations across multiple sectors as a strategic advisor, we understand the range of challenges that come with directing and managing your business and maximising its growth. 

Many clients view our business advisory services as a natural extension of the compliance and tax planning work we do for them. Our understanding of the financial side of their business puts us in a perfect position to pinpoint opportunities and weaknesses at every level of operations.

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How can we help?

Non-executive director icon

Non-executive director

Our partners can act as a non-executive director (NED) in a formal or informal capacity or in a management support role, attending board meetings to guide, mentor and challenge the CEO and senior executive management team. 

Exit planning services icon

Exit planning services

Whether you are looking to retire or move on to another business venture, our exit planning services can help you structure and prepare the business for a sale to ensure you achieve the maximum value.

Operational advice icon

Operational advice

Whether its your management structure, corporate governance, facilities review or other internal matters our team can advise on the best solutions.

Business performance and strategy icon

Business performance and strategy

We will help you set up KPIs and forecasts, as well as define your present and future objectives to keep you on track to achieve your financial and other ambitions.

Strategic business development icon

Strategic business development

This would include putting structures in place to support your business’s future development plans and discussing the best use of financing arrangements to support such expansion.

Capital and debt raising icon

Capital and debt raising

All businesses will require some external finance to assist in their expansionary aspirations and our advisors can assist with equity and/or debt fundraisings through introductions to relevant investors/lenders.

What happens next?

No matter the scale of the challenge your business is facing, Gerald Edelman is always on hand to help assess your best course of action and provide strategic advice to drive your business forwards.

Led by Richard Kleiner, our business advisory team takes pride in building long-lasting client relationships and gaining an in-depth understanding of what makes your company tick. We work closely with business owners and directors at each stage of their company lifecycle and always bring exceptional value to everything that we do.

We’d be happy to arrange a free consultation with you over the phone or at our Cornhill office in the City of London – simply fill in the enquiry form above or contact us on +44 (0)20 7299 1400 to speak to one of our business advisors.

Meet the team

“Richard Kleiner has been a trusted and respected adviser for more than thirty years and has always responded above and beyond the normal support which might be expected.”

"Over the years I've had the pleasure of working with clients at different stages of the business lifecycle, from promising entrepreneurs to blossoming SMEs."

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a non-executive director benefit my business?

Bringing a non-executive director (NED) on board is a great way for businesses to gain experience, knowledge, contacts and ideas across a wide range of functions. NEDs can offer a fresh perspective on how your business operates and often provide constructive, impartial advice to drive the growth of your business.

What size of organisation should consider using a business advisor?

In short, every business stands to gain by analysing and investing in their strategy, operations and ability to make sound decisions. We work with businesses of all sizes and always tailor our advisory services to match their specific needs.

Can you assist with selling my business?

Yes, we often work with clients looking to plan out their exit strategy from a business and maximise their return on investment. Working with a specialist business advisor can take much of the stress out of the entire process, whilst ensuring you get the best deal possible. We can also connect you to our extensive network of buyers and investors, both domestically and abroad.

How do our fees work?

We will discuss and identify the services you need, tailoring our work to your requirements. We therefore don't have fixed costs for every service as everyone's situation is different and fees vary on the nature of each assignment and engagement. Once the scope of the engagement is confirmed, we will provide a fee estimate prior to commencement of the work.

Why choose our business advisory services?

Whether it's planning an exit, implementing a new structure, raising finance, or something else, we know that having a partner you can trust for expert support and business advice is invaluable. We're a great choice, with nearly 70 years' experience advising businesses at all stages: from startup through to global brand. Plus, with a full suite of accountancy and consultancy services, we can act as an all-in-one partner that fully understands every aspect of your business, from compliance to commercial goals. 

To speak to our team, call us or send us a message using the following form and we will be in touch.

T: +44 (0)20 7299 1400