Why Gerald Edelman?

Payroll is a specialist function that requires skilled staff to run on time and completely free from human error. With Gerald Edelman, you can rest assured that every PAYE process and touchpoint with HMRC is being handled by an expert with a wide range of experience.

Our outsourced payroll services are an ideal option for businesses struggling to cover the costs involved with payroll software, security, compliance and staff training.

We tailor the range and level of our services to match the specific needs of your business, which means we offer exceptional value for money compared with other payroll providers.

Get in touch via the ‘Contact’ button above to discuss your situation with one of our friendly payroll team, or discover more about the services we offer below.

How can we help?

Tailored service icon

Tailored service

We provide payroll services tailored to each individual client’s needs.

Regulatory compliance icon

Regulatory compliance

We'll keep you up to date with HMRC regulations including regulatory filings.

HR compliance icon

HR compliance

We can calculate salaries and issue associated payslips utilising HMRC-approved software.

Auto enrolment icon

Auto enrolment

We'll help you process automatic enrolment to the workplace pension.

Salary payments icon

Salary payments

We'll help you process employee salary payments on a timely and secure basis via BACS.

Management reports icon

Management reports

We'll produce comprehensive reports so you have total visibility over the management of your payroll. 

What happens next?

Whether you have five or five hundered staff on your books, every employer faces a legal obligation to effectively manage, record and report on their payroll processes. 

Our team of payroll accountants, led by Engin Zekia, provides a full range of outsourced administration and management services to businesses of all sizes.

We’re here to ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time, manage your ongoing relationship with HMRC, and minimise the risk of fines, penalties or inspections.

We’d be happy to arrange a free consultation with you over the phone, by video call, or at our Cornhill office in the City. Simply fill in the enquiry form above or contact us on +44 (0)20 7299 1400 to speak to one of our payroll accountants in London.

Meet the team

"I enjoy advising my clients on the practical aspects of running their businesses, like applying accounting standards, company law, & compliance."

"Building a good rapport with clients to understand their payroll issues and requirements has always been a key priority for me."

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of outsourcing payroll?

Outsourcing to an expert payroll accountant can be a great way for businesses to cut costs, free up internal resources and make sure they always stay compliant. It takes away the stress of maintaining accurate records and hitting key deadlines with HMRC. Outsourcing also offers peace of mind for your business that there will never be an unexpected delay in payroll due to an unexpected staff illness or exit from the company.

Do you offer a full range of payroll services?

Yes, we offer a full suite of payroll services. Our department is equipped to manage every aspect of your business’ payroll processes and reporting if you wish. Alternatively, if you only need us to assist with part of your payroll, we can do that too. In addition, we also offer guidance on potential efficiencies and wider tax planning across your business.

Can you manage a specific part of our payroll, rather than everything?

Yes, we will discuss the precise needs of your business as part of our initial free consultation. From there, we will provide a cost for the areas of payroll that you require us to manage. This is a big advantage as it means you don’t end up paying for services that your business doesn’t need.

How do your fees generally work?

Client fees are based on the level and complexity of payroll services provided as well as the total number of employees onboarded for each client. The fee structure therefore provides a degree of flexibility based on individual client needs.

Where can I learn more about outsourcing payroll?

We've written a short guide about outsourcing payroll processes, which discusses why you should outsource and the responsibilities covered by outsourcing. Check out the guide to learn more.

To speak to our team, call us or send us a message using the following form and we will be in touch.

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