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The 44 Group: A visionary approach to wellness and sustainable business

The 44 Group
The 44 Group

The 44 Group owns and collaborates with leading wellness brands to curate thoughtfully designed wellness spaces, products and services that inspire people to take ownership of their own health and wellbeing, creating a ripple effect of positive and lasting change.

Every team member is passionate about the business and the wellbeing sphere, which is reflected in who they are as individuals, their work, and how they treat others.

The 44 Group is one of Gerald Edelman’s newest clients and we are proud to use our expertise to support and guide them as they grow.

The visionaries behind the business

Sarah Jones St John, Founder

The 44 Group was founded by entrepreneur Sarah Jones St John. From her experiences as the founder of a successful chain of wellness spas, Sarah brings a unique perspective to the business with her principles of physical, emotional and spiritual vitality. She’s not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible in the sphere of health and wellbeing.

Why 44? Sarah had an awakening at the age of 44 and believes her purpose is to bring healing to other people. Sarah is passionate about helping people gain the tools to improve their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, contributing towards humankind and leaving humanity better than she found it.

Duncan Parker, MD

As The 44 Group’s Managing Director, Duncan Parker brings a wealth of experience from the private and non-profit sectors. After a stint at an investment house, Duncan travelled to Sub-Saharan Africa, where he found his calling. He realised he wanted to use his expertise to help people through business by using investment principles in a humanitarian way. This saw him spend 10 years working in the international development industry for a  large international NGO focusing on economic development and recovery.

Duncan’s passion for creating large-scale impacts led him to create Ethical Good, a Management Consultancy that helps businesses achieve their commercial, environmental and social goals. The business saw him help businesses align themselves with leading charities, generating over £150 million in new funding for social enterprises and charitable causes. When The 44 Group approached him with an offer to purchase Ethical Good, Duncan was excited to work with a like-minded company that was as passionate as he was about wellness and ethical business.

Today, Duncan’s key role at The 44 Group is to grow the business. He is passionate about creating a triple-bottom-line return that ensures benefits for people, the planet and profit and delivers both a substantial and sustainable impact.

What sets The 44 Group apart?

The 44 Group integrates its core values and passion into all areas of the business. It has a strong ESG focus and strives to maintain a net-zero impact. The business prioritises social responsibility and giving back in everything it does. This is evident in the foundation it created, supporting and advancing youth education and women’s health.

The 44 Group fosters a thriving team environment alongside attracting high-caliber talent. Their core values – openness, honesty, and kindness – create a foundation for a high-performing culture built on mutual respect. This commitment to employee wellbeing isn’t just lip service; after speaking to Duncan, it is clear that it permeates every aspect of the company. As Duncan himself emphasises, respect and care for the team are paramount.


What motivates them?

As the business grows, Sarah and Duncan have not lost sight of what motivates them and The 44 Group. They are driven by the key goal of bringing health to other people, whether individuals, businesses or their own team. In the face of challenges, they are spurred on by their high-performing team, who are constantly striving to be the best version of themselves.

Achievements in elevating wellness

The 44 Group has celebrated many significant achievements. One such success was the launch of Grey Wolfe, a private members club in Barnes, West London. Grey Wolf is praised by health publications as the UK’s most holistic wellbeing retreat. It offers state-of-the-art BioTech treatments and holistic therapies for optimal wellness. With a proven concept, The 44 Group aims to expand this service to offices, hotels and rural retreats, incorporating biotechnology like infrared, oxygen chambers, and biomagnetic technology for a uniquely attuned wellness experience.

The 44 Group also brings wellness into its own office with initiatives such as Wellbeing Wednesday, which offer activities such as meditation and facial yoga.

Advice for other businesses

So, what advice would The 44 Group have for other businesses? That’s simple: to understand the significance of the Purpose Economy and its place within it, get expert advice and consistently hire talent that surpasses your own abilities.

They recommend mitigating risks through meticulous financial forecasting, due diligence, sound market knowledge, and working with industry experts like Gerald Edelman. The 44 Group also follows the principles of the three Cs:

  1. Credibility
  2. Avoid controversy
  3. Maintain a commercial mindset

We look forward to working with The 44 Group and watching the business make health and wellbeing accessible to more people.

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