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The Role of the Non-Executive Director (NED)

The Role of the Non-Executive Director (NED)
Richard Kleiner

By Richard Kleiner

17 Aug 2021

With life in general and, particularly for businesses, beginning to return to normal (or the new normal), it is now pertinent for business owners and boards of companies to rethink their strategy both now and over the coming months and years.

Rethinking strategies will be important in order to take the business to its next phase of growth and start to get its financial performance back on track.

Through the various relationships we have with our clients, we often see that businesses can benefit from a fresh, objective, and perhaps, most importantly, impartial perspective of the business. Accordingly, maybe now is the right time to consider appointing a NED.

On 23 August we will be issuing a handbook on what businesses can expect from a NED and how such individuals can add value to the business. The handbook will be an essential guide to enable you to assess and consider the important characteristics that need to be borne in mind if and when appointing a NED and how such an individual can provide beneficial advice to your business.
A number of partners within GE have substantial experience in performing the role of the NED both formally and informally. If you are interested in finding out more or would like to receive the handbook then please contact Richard Kleiner or the partner who normally deals with your affairs.


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