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We aim to build a better every day, always thinking beyond and how we can have a positive impact.


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We help you make strategic decisions, achieve your long-term objectives, reduce costs and grow your bottom line, whilst also keeping you fully compliant with the latest tax obligations.

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Associate Director

Chris Holt

Chris Holt

My time is predominately focused on overseeing a portfolio of audit clients ranging from construction, hospitality and property, managing the process from the planning of the assignment through to the signing of the accounts. There will also be times throughout the year when I will need to resolve technical or commercial queries that the clients may have.

Separately as part of the managerial group of the audit department, I play a role in developing the team, the processes, and the technology that we use.

For me, the key is to avoid focusing on the compliance needs of a client. For a lot of clients, an audit is an unnecessary evil, but it should be seen as a service that adds value and not a “tick the box exercise”. An audit allows us to gain so much knowledge about a business or an industry that we should take this and use it to the benefit of the client. Secondly, I ensure a high-quality service in everything I do, whether that be sending a swift response to an urgent matter or simply checking in if there are regulatory or tax changes that may directly impact a client’s business.

If you’re interested…

I am one of the few people who entered the profession straight out of school, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2005. Having trained at a local firm, I made the move to London and worked at a couple of top 25 firms where my path crossed with current Gerald Edelman staff, Engin, Dorcas and Sib. I joined Gerald Edelman in June 2022 as an associate director in the audit team.

What is the most exciting thing on your bucket list?

Travel more, would love to spend a few months travelling around the Far East. I’ve been once before and it gave me the appetite to go again.

What one piece of advice would you give your 10-year-old self?

Retain that carefree nature and always try to see the good in everything.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The ability to pause time, especially on that last day in the office before going off on an extended break.

Who inspires you?

Steve Jobs – He was so far ahead of his time with his ideas for Apple that we now take a lot of them for granted.