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We help you make strategic decisions, achieve your long-term objectives, reduce costs and grow your bottom line, whilst also keeping you fully compliant with the latest tax obligations.

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Dan Spackman

Dan Spackman

In addition to heading up the finance team, as Chief Operating Officer I am responsible for overseeing the day to day administrative and operational functions at Gerald Edelman.

Working closely with department heads and the Exec Board to execute business strategies, I regularly review internal procedures to ensure they meet the evolving needs of the business. My focus is to ensure that our internal processes are efficient and that key financial information and KPI’s are available in real time, this allows our partners and client facing staff to concentrate on what they do best, servicing the needs of our clients.

If you’re interested…

Prior to joining Gerald Edelman in 2020, I spent the previous 14 years at a top 30 accountancy practice. Starting out as a finance assistant, before working my way up to Financial Controller in 2016. I joined Gerald Edelman as Head of Finance and whilst I still head up the finance team, as COO I am also responsible for the operational functions within the firm and assist the MLRO with risk management and compliance.

What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

On safari in South Africa, my wife and I joined one of the rangers to approach a cheetah, on foot! Standing in the middle of the game reserve, less than 20 metres away from the fastest land animal in the world was pretty daring for me.

What is the most exciting thing on your bucket list?

As a golf fan, the next big thing on my list is to go to Augusta for the Masters.

What one piece of advice would you give your 10-year-old-self?

Try not to stress too much, have confidence in yourself, and do what you enjoy.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

Paul Weller, the man is a legend. He has been producing top class music for over 45 years and is still going strong. I have seen him in concert over 35 times, so I think I deserve a dinner date with him!


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