Why Gerald Edelman?

Based in London, our property tax advisors work closely with landlords, property owners and investors to identify ways to minimise their tax exposure and maximise the value they receive from their assets. We understand the frustration that comes with an inflated tax bill; though rest assured there are many ways we can help you to avoid this scenario through careful planning. 

Property tax rules are constantly evolving, so we’ll look at your current position in line with the latest opportunities and obligations and help you capitalise on key ways to save money when managing or selling a property.

We work with both UK and non-UK residents involved in any form of property-related activity in the UK. Get in touch via the ‘Contact’ button above to arrange a quick chat with one of our property tax specialists, or read on to discover more about our services. 

How can our Property Tax accountants help you?

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Property ownership structure

If you are looking to purchase commercial or residential property from use within your business, to hold as an investment or to develop, we can help you find the most tax-efficient structure which is aligned with your objectives. This could be in the form of owning property in your own name, the use of a trust, the creation of a Family Investment Company or an offshore company. 

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Indirect taxes

When you are looking to purchase or restructure your property assets, our specialists have significant experience advising property owners on VAT-related matters and Stamp Duty Land Tax planning.

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Allowances and reliefs

Our team is here to help reduce your tax bill by making the most of all available reliefs. We will be able to advise on maximising capital allowance claims, advising on the Structural Buildings allowance as well as making Land Remediation claims where appropriate.

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Ongoing tax efficiency

Our property tax specialists will keep you aware of the constant legislation changes in respect of property ownership. We will periodically review your structure to ensure it is best suited and consider annual income tax changes, inheritance tax changes, other taxes such as Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) and ensure that your structure is fit for purpose.  

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Property Investors/Overseas Investors

Our property tax advisors, led by Amal, have significant experience in helping property investors grow their portfolio in the most tax-efficient manner. We will be able to assist you to formulate a long-term strategy and consider wider implications of owning property that you may need to consider.  

What happens next?

If you’re looking for support managing your property tax obligations then Amal and the team at Gerald Edelman can help weigh up your options and decide which route is best for you.

As a trusted tax advisor to our clients, we’re here to help you capitalise on available reductions, safeguard the value of your assets and manage your relationship with HMRC whenever needed. We pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional client service and complete transparency over our prices upfront.

We’d be happy to arrange a free consultation with you over the phone or at our Cornhill office in the City. Speak to one of our property tax accountants in London today by filling in an enquiry form or calling +44 (0)20 7299 1400.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a non-UK resident looking to buy a property in the UK, which property taxes do I need to be aware of?

As a non-UK resident, there are planning opportunities that are still available to you when you are looking to structure you property acquisition. This would be depending on when you are resident and the type of property you are acquiring. You would still need to consider Stamp Duty Land tax and the ongoing income tax on profits.

I am looking to build a property investment portfolio, how can you assist?

Our property tax accountants provide a strategic role, not only will they ensure your property investments are structured in the most efficient manner, but they will offer valuable input and targets to help you achieve your goals. Our advisors are equally passionate about property and they are either investors themselves or have built up a network of property clients and professionals to ensure that they are best placed to assist.

To speak to our team, call us or send us a message using the following form and we will be in touch.

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