Why Gerald Edelman?

Our advisors have substantial experience managing all types of tax audits, from aspect enquiries and random checks to full investigations. We work closely with limited companies, sole traders and PLCs to keep their accounts in good order and give no reason for HMRC to flag up unusual activity. 

We understand the stress that naturally comes with the prospect of an investigation, particularly Section 9A, COP8 and COP9 notices. Our advisors can help restore your peace of mind and allow you to focus on running your business. When it comes to minimising risks and resolving discrepancies, there’s no substitute for expert knowledge and careful negotiation – and that’s where Gerald Edelman can be an invaluable ally for you.

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How can we help?

Tax investigation support icon

Tax investigation support

Knowing that you are facing a tax investigation can be frightening. Accepting and facing an investigation head-on is the best way to deal with the situation. It’s worth taking specialist advice on how to respond to requests from HMRC for information and documentation.

We can help by preparing and presenting information in the correct formats, communicating with HMRC, attending meetings with HMRC on your behalf, and more.

Individuals and businesses icon

Individuals and businesses

We have dealt with many individuals and companies who have experienced different forms of tax investigations, including income tax, corporation tax, VAT, PAYE, and others.

If you're the subject of an investigation, or even if you want to proactively disclose an issue to HMRC, our team has the knowledge and experience to help.

Offshore assets and foreign income icon

Offshore assets and foreign income

We have significant experience in assisting clients who are either subject to an ongoing HMRC investigation in relation to undisclosed offshore income, assets and/or gains, or those who wish to make a voluntary disclosure.

We can liaise with HMRC to resolve matters as amicably and quickly as possible while keeping you fully informed of progress throughout, along with ensuring potential penalties are mitigated as practically possible. 

What happens next?

Whatever the circumstances, if you’re facing any form of HMRC tax investigation then seeking the support of an experienced advisor should be your first course of action. 

Led by Amal Shah, our team has the experience and knowledge of dealing with HMRC to negotiate settlements on your behalf and reach a quick resolution. We’re always on hand to address any questions or concerns you may have, always with client confidentiality in mind.

We understand the processes behind an HMRC investigation. In fact, several of our team are ex-HMRC investigators. And, as a Top50 accountancy firm with roots stretching back to 1946, we've managed to help hundreds of clients through the process.

We know it's a stressful time for you and your business, so we're here to help guide you through.  

We’d be happy to arrange a free initial consultation with you over the phone, video call, or at our Cornhill office in London. To get in touch, please fill in an enquiry form or call +44 (0)20 7299 1400 to speak to one of our team.

Meet the team

"My focus is mitigating my clients' tax liabilities by structuring both their business transactions and their personal planning."

"My work mainly focuses on providing tax advice to clients, from high net worth individuals and personal tax clients to non-resident landlords."

Frequently Asked Questions

What triggers a tax investigation?

HMRC claim that compliance checks are typically triggered when there appears to be an error on your tax return. It could be that if you are a company, there is a large VAT claim. If only a small amount of tax is declared by a business with a very high turnover, this could also trigger a tax investigation. There are other things too:

  • HMRC might receive a tip-off from an ex-business partner, friend or neighbour
  • Your business might receive a large amount of cash as a payment
  • You might experience a significant drop in income or a dramatic increase in costs.

How many years back can HMRC investigate my accounts?

The more serious they think a case could be, the further back HMRC will look. If they suspect deliberate tax evasion, they can investigate as far back as 20 years. More commonly, investigations into careless tax returns can go back six years, and investigations into innocent errors can go back four years.

Can I recoup the costs involved in a tax investigation?

If you are an existing client, we offer tax investigation insurance that would cover professional fees if you are subject to a tax investigation.

How long does a tax investigation take?

Exactly how long a tax investigation will take depends on the scope of HMRC’s case and the volume of paperwork involved. It could take a few months or even up to a year, and HMRC could delay your case further by asking for additional information. However, depending on the nature of the case, there are various ways to reduce the amount of time it takes.

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