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Probate and estate planning

Why should you choose an accountant for probate services?

Why should you choose an accountant for probate services?
Simon Hosier

By Simon Hosier

15 Apr 2020

We are living in very difficult times and for some of us, we will be faced with challenges and matters that we do not have the expertise or knowledge to confront. Gerald Edelman understands this only too well and are here to help and support you.

It is only in recent years that accountants have had the legal authority to offer probate services and assist with the management of someone’s estate after death. This was previously the sole domain of solicitors.

Two years ago, Gerald Edelman set up a specialist probate services department with two partners, Colin Burns and Richard Kleiner, who are licenced with the Chartered Institute in England & Wales (ICAEW) to deal with uncontested Wills. Please note that contested Wills and estates must still be handled by a solicitor.

There are definite advantages in turning to your accountant to administer your estate on death, including:

  1. As your accountant, an accountant will have an in-depth knowledge of yours and your family’s financial affairs with a trusted, working relationship already in place.
  2. If you have a business, an accountant will be familiar with its financial position together with any plans that you/your family have for succession.
  3. It is also likely that an accountant will already be dealing with your personal financial matters, which may include estate and tax planning as well as trust administration. This awareness of your personal preferences and wishes is an advantage in such circumstances, enabling the accountant to handle the probate process reliably, confidentially and efficiently.

It’s easy to see why probate has become a natural extension of our services. As accountants and professional service providers, we are well placed to translate all the facts as well as your/your family’s wishes into dealing with probate with ease. We can offer competitive fee quotes for our probate service, which will extend to both clients and members of their family who unfortunately and tragically are casualties from the Covid-19 outbreak.

Our service also includes the assessment and payment of Inheritance Tax where applicable to the Estate. You can rest assured that your estate will be distributed as per your wishes and your family will not pay any more tax than necessary.

Please speak to the partner who normally deals with your affairs or contact Simon Hosier at or Richard Kleiner at


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