Jamie Peppin

Manager | Business Services

"I will tailor the service and support to best assist the development of the business."

I support my clients by understanding their needs, which can be affected by several factors, such as the size of the company or the industry. From there I will tailor the service and support to best assist the development of the business. Additionally, I try to be proactive in my support to prevent any issues occurring. 

The majority of my role involves compliance and support for SME’s across a number of different sectors including funds, family offices, property, and restaurants. This will involve yearly filing requirements, VAT, tax planning and management accounts. As an assistant manager I also help with the development our junior staff members. 

If you’re interested… 
I studied Accountancy and Business at the University of Portsmouth where I achieved a First. After graduating I remained in Portsmouth until I completed my ACCA in 2017. I then moved to London and joined Gerald Edelman in September 2018. In September 2020 I completed the Certificate in Probate and Estate Admin. 

What is the most exciting thing on your bucket list?  
To travel Asia 

What one piece of advice would you give your 10-year-old self? 
The lottery numbers just after your 10th birthday will be 2,18,20,32,36,37,5 

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? 
Jurgen Klopp- I am a big Liverpool supporter and would love to hear Jurgen’s comments on leadership and building a strong team. Also, Jurgen loves a pint so would be good fun.

Who inspires you? 
Innovators such as Satoshi Nakamoto who created Bitcoin (if that’s their real name!)