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The benefits of working for a mid-tier firm

27 Feb 2020

Working in accountancy means working with ambitious, driven and inspiring individuals and business owners to support them in achieving their ambitions. It’s a dynamic environment to work in, where no two days are the same, which is why, we as a firm have a mission to redefine the term accountant as it does not encompass everything we do or describe the talented people we have working with us.

To give insight into what life is really like at Gerald Edelman, hear from our team and be inspired.

Written by Jessica Oshodi, Audit Trainee

I joined Gerald Edelman’s audit department as a graduate in 2018. I knew that I wanted to join a company where I felt like I could make an impact, even from the early days of my career. As cliched as it sounds, I wanted to be more than just another member of staff on the payroll.

Joining Gerald Edelman has given me an experience that I do not believe I would have got at a larger firm. It has given me more variety and challenges, allowed open communication from junior team members to partners, and has provided support throughout my studies. 

1. More variety and challenges

The audit portfolio held by Gerald Edelman varies from small owner managed companies to large public interest entities. Since I started, I have been given the opportunity to work at both ends of the spectrum, as well as lead smaller audits. This has allowed me to see all aspects of an audit, as well as gain vast amounts of experience early on in my career.

Being a mid-tier firm also means that there are opportunities to work in other established departments, such as tax, business services and corporate finance, allowing you to gain experience and insights in to other areas of the business too.

Alongside my day-to-day work, I have also joined Gerald Edelman’s Corporate Social Responsibility committee, which has introduced more variety into my work life and has allowed me to contribute and be involved with the future development of the business.

2. Open communication from junior staff to partners

From the beginning I had a high level of engagement with all levels of the team. I received positive and constructive feedback from partners, as well as being given the opportunity to provide my own feedback. This not only made me feel a valued member of the team but also provided me with advice to progress my career. 

As a graduate, no one expects you to know everything and mistakes will be made, but help is provided from all team members to assist in navigating the learning curve. 

3. Supported throughout my studies

Balancing your studies and work has its challenges but I have always felt supported. Also, I have found the audit team to be close-knit, I joined with four other trainees, which means there is always someone going through the same situation as me and I never feel alone, there’s always someone to talk to and help.

There is a community aspect at Gerald Edelman and a family feel. Yet, you are empowered to develop, grow and lead change in the business.

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