Why Gerald Edelman?

Our team is made up of chartered accountants who are experienced in undertaking detailed financial investigations and analysing financial and other data. We regularly prepare advisory reports to provide clarity around a valuation of another financial aspect of a dispute, as a well as formal expert witness reports including presenting oral evidence on the same in court.

The expertise of our Forensic Accounting and Expert Witness team stems from supporting clients across a wide range of legal proceedings. Our team often supports on cases of suspected fraud and misappropriation, tracing funds or other assets in both criminal, civil and family matters, from small divorce cases and commercial partnership disputes to large criminal fraud cases and civil disputes.

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How can we help?

Corporate valuations icon

Corporate valuations

We specialise in the valuation of business assets in both contentious and non-contentious circumstances. Our team has substantial experience in analysing M&A terms and quantifying economic damages in relation to any type of business transaction.

Fraud and white collar crime icon

Fraud and white collar crime

We pre-empt financial risks, investigate suspicious activity and assist clients in either validating or denying corporate fraud and theft within their business.

Commercial disputes icon

Commercial disputes

When the numbers don’t add up, we’re on your side to analyse any financial irregularities in fine detail and deliver expert reports that demonstrate the empirical facts of your case.

Family disputes icon

Family disputes

We work closely with individuals and families to investigate and resolve issues regarding probate, estate administration, succession planning, and matrimonial disputes (e.g. divorce cases).

Expert witness icon

Expert witness

Our chartered accountants are trained and experienced in preparing CPR, CrimPR and FPR compliant reports for use by the courts and providing oral expert evidence. 

Loss quantification icon

Loss quantification

We support businesses, investors, claims managers and others in the quantification of losses in connection with breach of contract, insurance, financial crime or other claims. 

What happens next?

Whether your situation is complex or not, we will work tirelessly to investigate every possible angle and ensure that you have as much clarity as possible in respect of your financial position in a dispute.

Head of our Forensic Accounting team, Carl Lundberg, is renowned throughout Greater London and the UK for his substantial experience in dealing with criminal, civil and family disputes. He is a long-standing member of the Academy of Experts and is responsible for Gerald Edelman’s position within the Network of Independent Forensic Accountants (NIFA). The Gerald Edelman Forensic Accounting team also includes three members of the ICAEW valuations community. 

We’d be happy to arrange a free consultation with you over the phone, by video call or at our Cornhill office in the City of London – simply fill in the enquiry form above or contact us on +44 (0)20 7299 1400 to speak to one of our forensic accountants.

Frequently Asked Questions

When facing a specific legal challenge and the possibility of going to court, it’s crucial that you engage the services of an independent and objective accountant that has no prior relationship with any of the parties involved. Also, not every accountant is highly specialised in providing evidence to resolve legal disputes or conducting in-depth analysis as a financial investigator. All of these factors increase the chances that you will receive a fair and reasonable outcome.

As a full-service department, we have experience across a broad range of areas, including valuations, Proceeds of Crime Act (“POCA”) matters, civil litigation expert witness appointments, single joint expert appointments in family disputes and divorce matters, fraud investigations, trend analysis and more.

The purpose of an audit is not to detect fraud, but to ensure that financial statements are free of material misstatements. As a forensic accountant, our purpose is to investigate specific matters, often including suspected fraud and to analyse financial information for use in disputes or legal proceedings. In our field, any irregularity or suspicious transaction relevant to the scope of work is considered material.

Yes, our partner Carl Lundberg is experienced in presenting oral evidence at court hearings, both virtually and in person.

Our fees are based upon the degree of the responsibility and skill involved. Often we work on a time basis at our standard hourly rates, but we are also happy to agree a fixed fee for a particular project upfront. 

To speak to our team, call us or send us a message using the following form and we will be in touch.

T: +44 (0)20 7299 1400