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How to use effective bookkeeping for business growth

By Joanna Loizidou

25 Aug 2021

Many small businesses struggle to invest in the right tools for bookkeeping and financial reporting, relying on their annual accounts to tell the story of the business in 12-month cycles.

However, running a business efficiently is not always easy, and managing your own books can be a time-consuming and complex process, and in many instances, the extra work and time-consuming procedures required are not worth the extra effort and can prove even more costly than initially thought.

Having effective bookkeeping strategies is crucial for any business, in order to monitor finances, cash flow, and tax and maintain a healthy business. Poor bookkeeping can negatively impact your business performance and growth.

Therefore, acquiring good bookkeeping skills is paramount for any successful business. It will often safeguard your business, raising alarm bells and giving you ample warning of any complex or major issues ahead of time, helping you make informed decisions for business risks and growth.

Using the Accounts expertise of Gerald Edelman will mean that you have an allocated partner reconciling your accounts and financial statements, ensuring that all transactions seen on your digital software tally with your statements, bank, financial, and credit card statements. This will shield your business from financial inconsistencies, unnecessary financial charges, or fraudulent claims and fines, often accrued due to incorrectly recorded transactions or missing tax compliance deadlines and poor filing management. 

Your bookkeeping partner can also assist with your financial statements and prepare financial reporting so that informed key decisions can be made at any point in time with real-time financial information and hand. This allows for business planning and strategic decisions to be made with ease, accuracy, and transparency, enabling your business to accurately monitor costs, review pricing, and monitor budgets and cash flows.

Acquiring professional accounting services from Gerald Edelman will permit your business to keep track of your profit and loss, and make efficient tax planning, helping your business maintain a healthy cash flow and perform efficiently for business growth. This service will also equip your business to maintain more efficient and accurate ongoing compliance processes with VAT and FCA returns, which are due monthly or quarterly, so that your business processes flow with ease, freeing your time to focus on others more impactful business priorities.

How Gerald Edelman can help 

Gerald Edelman offers a full range of bookkeeping services to businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large multinationals. Each client is assigned a dedicated team that is partner-led meaning you receive expert advice and build relationships with those who know your business well. 

We offer clients strategic advice as to their trusted partner, on how to improve performance and reduce costs, as well as giving you a clear, up-to-date picture of your accounts at all times.

Gerald Edelman can also assist you with payroll services, ensuring that your core payroll process and touchpoints with HMRC are handled in a timely and error-free manner, meeting all your business needs.

For further information on our audit, accounting, or payroll services contact Joanna Loizidou at or contact us by completing the form in the link above.

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